The International Federation of Gym Racket (I.F.G.R.) is the world governing body for the sport of Gym Racket.
It is an international non-governmental and non-profit organisation whose goal is to promote all forms of Gym Racket around the world.
I.F.G.R. establishes the official rules for the competitions.

The Federation’s location is established in the Passeig de Torras i Bages, 95-99 local 8
Barcelona – Catalonia (Spain)

The purposes of the International Federation are:

  • The promotion of sport values, sportive association, and the promotion of Gym Racket sport
  • Make known Gym Racket through training courses
  • Organization of seminars and meetings
  • To promote the practice of physical and sports activity in the appropriate physical, medical, and sports conditions
  • To promote internationally at the highest level of individual members and associated members in the field of Gym Racket
  • To arbitrate and resolve disputes between its members and, in general, to ensure that the principles on which the Association is based are respected, taking measures that may seem convenient to defend the interests of the partners from all points of view, including international
  • Establish, maintain relationships, contacts and negotiations with Associations, Federations and in general Sports entities
  • The Association may join third parties in federations, confederations, or unions, by express agreement.
  • The Association will be able to create a Sports Section, to perform sports especially Gym Racket.

A list of members of the IFGR Board of Directors and Board of Delegates

The Board of Directors is the highest governing body of the IFGR
The Board of Delegates is an advisory Committee of the Board of Directors which is composed by delegates representatives of Full Members and Candidate Members.

Competition and Disciplinary Committee
A list of members of the IFGR Competition and Disciplinary Committee

The Competition and Disciplinary Commitee is the an advisory Committee and it has the power to propose the calendar of competitions, dates, and categories, and punish faults committed by associated members, players, referees or judges, or others for violations of competition regulations, fair play, bad behavior in competitions, arrange results, anti-doping regulations, or other actions that may result in a bad reputation for the sport of the Gym Racket or for the Association.